reason 2 why i wear my collar to pride

Every year during Pride I do something I don’t usually do:

I wear my clerical collar. 

I wear that symbol of the Christian Church because Pride is exactly the kind of thing the Church should show show up to. 

As my LGBTQ+ friends have taught me, Pride isn’t just a celebration of the freedom to be yourself, something everyone can partake in regardless of their sexuality and gender; first and foremost, Pride is about something way bigger than that: 

it’s about human rights. 

Pride is the continuation of the fight for the freedom to fully and wholly exist by people who are silenced, marginalized, oppressed, stigmatized, and misrepresented because of who they are. 

Thats the kind of fight the Church should show up to because its the kind of fight Jesus shows up to. 

Who did Jesus raise his voice for? The silenced. 
Who did Jesus pull back into the centre? The marginalized.
Who did Jesus liberate? The oppressed.
Who did Jesus eat and drink with? The stigmatized. 
Who did Jesus reclaim as beautifully and wonderfully made? The misrepresented. 

Wherever people are dehumanized the Church shows up to march alongside, to listen to, to learn from, to advocate for, and be in solidarity with because that’s exactly what Jesus did and calls us to do today. 

Extravagant and Indiscriminate Love would have it no other way. 

To all my LGBTQ+ friends celebrating pride and continuing the fight, thank you for your example and your voice. I am so honoured to march alongside you. 

To all my friends in the Church, I hope to see you there.